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Canopic Jar

Dog 10cm*height 21cm
Dog L 12cm*height 24.5cm
Dog XL 13*height 25cm
Baboon 10cm*height 18.5cm
Baboon L 12cm*height 20cm
Pharaoh 10cm*height 18.5cm
Pharaoh L 12cm*height 22cm
Eagle 10cm*height 18.5cm
Eagle L 12cm*height 20cm
Cat L 12cm*height 22cm

Material: Resin

Ancient Egyptians used canopic jars to store internal organs during the mummification process, but you can put other things in them too that are less 'dark'. This particular small canopic jar makes the perfect containers for some candies, treats, as an urn for small pets, and other knick-knacks you can think of.


Dog: diameter 10cm*height 21cm

Baboon: 10cm*height 18.5cm

Pharaoh: 10cm*height 18.5cm

Eagle :Pharaoh: 10cm*height 18.5cm

Large dog diameter 12cm*height 24.5cm
Large pharaoh diameter 12cm*height 22cm
Large cat diameter 12cm*height 22cm
Large baboon diameter 12cm*height 20cm
Large Eagle diameter 12cm*height 20cm

Extra large dog diameter 13*height 25cm

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