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Indian Mandala Tapestry Blanket

Mandala A
Mandala B
Mandala C
World A
World B
World C
World D
Yin Yang A
Yin Yang B
Yin Yang C
Yin Yang D
The Moon A
The Moon B
The Moon C
The Moon D
Mandala E
Mandala F
Mandala G

Revamp your room in a jiffy with this awesome Indian Mandala Tapestry Wall!

Your room is your temple, it represents who you are and your personality, letting people into your bedroom is like giving them a peek of your soul.

For teenagers, it is a very complex and creative way of expressing ourselves about how we feel, what we love, and what we believe in. Some go for movie posters or band posters, some have a photo grid of polaroids all around the room while some minimalist, they just leave most things blank!


But of course not you, you have a very authentic and creative mind, you'd want your room to look exactly just how your mind pictured it to be this is why we are introducing you with this awesome Indian Mandala Tapestry Wall!

With numerous designs, you can choose from and a few different sizes so you can select the absolute right one for your bedroom! We specially made tons of different designs to cater to each individual's creative and unique taste!

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    Made with a mix of polyester and cotton, this Indian Mandala Tapestry Wall might just be the only thing your awesome room is missing! Grab yours now!

    Product Info:

    • Pattern: Mandala Floral, Wolf, Map, Moon, Star
    • Design: AUBUSSON
    • Cleaning Type: Hand Wash, and Machine Washable
    • Style: Plain
    • Technics: HANDMADE
    • Shape: Rectangle
    • Material: 100% Polyester
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