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About us


About Us 
Mystic Elephant is a venture started in 2019 with a great passion and zeal for spiritual growth.
Well, nowadays everyone is in a constant race and chase of achieving the next thing they want in their life. The world is getting surrounded by hatred, politics, war, and other negative influences. Hence, we intend to give something positive to society and thereby make a difference with our dedicated initiatives.

Who Are We
Mystic Elephant is a platform through which we aim to provide all aspects of spiritual services and information.The process of reconnecting with oneself is key to self-care, and believe it or not, for many, a path to spiritual discovery.

Our mission is to connect each individual with their inner potential and help them make peace in life.

Our vision is to unleash the best in each one and thereby ignite their spiritual journey. 'Be Mystic: Step Out On Faith And Walk Into Your Purpose' is our tagline and indeed paramount in our company's DNA and overall culture.

What Do We Do
We have an array of unique and soul-soothing metaphysics, psychic or spiritual products, and services. From crystal and stones to handcrafted witchcraft, from aesthetic home and decor to Buddha or lotus holders; we have it covered to render an experience worth every bit. Through our products, we aim to act as mere messengers of gathering information and thereby empower you to become your own wisdom.

The journey is simple- you buy, you learn, we learn, we grow together and we eventually contribute back the society.

Why Us
You would be surprised to know tour are products, services, and guides are meant to cleanse energies and set intentions. This is something that's particularly helpful as our days and spaces often get blur together and even
leave us in a trace. We aren't restricted to any area or locality and hence our services are available anywhere you point your finger on the map. Yes, you heard that right! Get your hands on one of our products or services and give it a try. We guarantee you it would resonate with your spirit and leave you nothing but bountiful happiness!