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There is no greater possession in this world other than the great wisdom we hold, the infinite wisdom the universe brings to us and the faintest clue we make sense of it is probably the most beautiful thing the universe can offer. One's intellectual side being healthy and sharp all over is considered as an absolute necessity. But unfortunately, plenty of times, this fact is much undermined in this very materialistic modern world we live in. The crown chakra or sahasrāra chakra as they call it from Sanskrit, is most commonly known as “the bridge to the cosmos.” It is the most spiritual in nature of all seven chakras. This vital and chakra, one of the most seven main chakras is located above the crown of the head just above the third eye chakra or the Ajna,  The crown chakra acts as the individual's center of spirit, enlightenment, wisdom, universal consciousness, and connection to higher guidance.


The colour that is most associated in this chakra is the colour violet which is often a symbol for being mysterious, spiritual and imaginative, all that the mind can offer us, sometimes, the Crown chakra is also associated with the colour white which is a classic colour of purity and sincerity, which is what the mind should be if one is on the path to enlightenment. The Crown chakra  is all about spiritual connection and transformation of whatever it is that lifts and inspires you, it greatly helps in connecting you to the divine (or some might call this angelic energy, the Source, or God.) This chakra also gives you a sense of your own divinity, the awareness that you are a soul in a human body. Being aware of this fact is described to be heaven-like and aligning this with the other balance 7 main chakras you have will definitely take you a huge step closer to your life's main goal in reaching Nirvana, the bliss that enlightenment brings. There are numerous ways in activating the crown chakra and there are very plenty methods that can be found, there's meditating, yoga, specialized massages and more often than not, special crystals can greatly help in making you activate this chakra. When an individual activates the crown chakra and it is working effectively, the person will immediately feel calm and peaceful, even when under pressure. It will give you the ability to make sound, discerning decisions. feel deeply connected to all living beings.


A lot of spiritual experts think that although it is a must to align and activate these seven main chakras, activating the crown chakra is the way to give you the most profound life experience. It starts on the top of your head, the most important and dominant part and spreads all throughout your body. It creates a beautiful ripple effect of positive energy, the mind is the most powerful thing a person has and it becomes even more powerful once he discovers how to make it even better. Because a higher sense of intuition often comes with the opening of the crown chakra, there might be quite a few symptoms to watch out for before attaining this, in the initial part of activating the crown chakra, one may feel a wee bit drowsy and the drowsiness may be accompanied with short bursts of dizziness. However, as time progresses, one will finally associate this with becoming ungrounded. While there are a handful of techniques to activate it Most people use meditation as a way to balance their crown chakra. Meditation is said to be something that can be used to balance other chakras, it is fundamental in balancing the seventh. Meditation is a powerful way to connect with your spirit and relax your mind.