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Feed your soul 
The Searched Soul - Poem by Dorothy Parker
When I consider, pro and con,
What things my love is built upon --
A curly mouth; a sinewed wrist;
A questioning brow; a pretty twist
Of words as old and tried as sin;
A pointed ear; a cloven chin;
Long, tapered limbs; and slanted eyes
Not cold nor kind nor darkly wise --
When so I ponder, here apart,
What shallow boons suffice my heart,
What dust-bound trivia capture me,
I marvel at my normalcy.
Dorothy, in her poem, is thinking about her life. The shallowness of her wants, the things that amaze her, and what she is, questioned her. Then she marveled at the realization of her normalcy.
This world that we live in, this body that we are in, our problems, our actions, and everything around are but a passing. All things will fade and none will remain at the end. The question for that is “IS LIFE THIS SHALLOW?”
Many people focus on temporary things; money, house, cars, employment, and all. There is nothing wrong about it. We need them. But is it worth spending your whole life focusing on them? You can answer that.
Some people though, they see things differently.
They are in search for things unseen.
They focus on things that are deeper.
Like SOUL.
"If you want to tell the whole story of the world, you must say what objects there are in the world, what substances there are, and what properties they have at different times," Swinburne said on "Closer to Truth." "Of course, that will include all the physical objects, all the tables and chairs and planets and atoms. But, of course, that won't tell the whole story. You will also have to tell the story of conscious life, which is associated with each body." 
Swinburne asserted that in order to tell "the full story of the world," one must "pick out subjects of experience — not just by the experiences they have, not just by the physical bodies with which they are associated" but also with "separate mental entities for which the natural word is 'soul'… If you can't bring 'soul' into the account of the world, you will not tell the full story of the world, because you will not tell who has which conscious life."
"If physical properties and mental properties were just properties of bodies there would be no difference between these cases;" but because there are obvious differences between "you" and "me," Swinburne claimed that "there must be another essential part of me which goes where I go, and this we can call my 'soul.'"
The Greeks contributed their notion for the souls.
“Once a person's soul has departed for good, the person is dead. The presence of soul therefore distinguishes a living human body from a corpse. However, this is plainly not to say that the soul is thought of as what accounts for, or is responsible for, the activities, responses, operations and the like that constitute a person's life.”
“However, it is not just that soul is said to be present in every living thing. It is also the case that an increasingly broad range of ways of acting and being acted on is attributed to the soul.”
As we can see, there are different views when we talk about the soul. The things mentioned came from those whose views are famous; nonetheless, there are still many differentiated beliefs about soul.
Whatever the views we have about this topic, it is safe to say that there are deeper things lying in this physical world. There are better things that we need to take our attention to, so that unlike this physical world, we and our legacy will remain.