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Higher Self
There is no right or wrong way to experience your Higher Self, but it is important to pay attention until you are sure you can discern it. Then you can learn to listen to it. This level of attainment also shifts our relationship to the ego.” - Cindy Wigglesworth, Author, SQ21: The 21 Skills of Spiritual Intelligence
The Concept:
The Higher Self is generally regarded as a form of being only to be recognized in a union with a divine source. In recent years the New Age faith has encouraged the idea of the Higher Self in contemporary culture, though the notion of the Higher Self has been interpreted throughout numerous historical spiritual faiths. Some denominations believe that the higher self is a part of an individual's metaphysical identity, while others teach that the higher self is essentially our tie to the heavens. Similar to the notion of the soul, the higher self can be defined by many different sects, while also being a topic of interest in the scientific and philosophical fields.
According to Irina Yugay, “Higher consciousness is a term that is often used to describe an important mental state that is rather hard to reach. It’s a term often used by spiritual gurus, sages and monks, and it’s not always easy to define due to the intrinsic nature of human beings wired around primary instincts.
That’s why higher consciousness is generally defined as “the part of the human mind that is capable of transcending animal instincts”, or lower consciousness.”
Have you met your Higher Self?
“Your higher self is worth getting to know and spending quality time with. What is great about your higher self is that it truly is your BFF. She (or he) will never abandon you, choosing to hang out with someone else. Nor will your higher self ever act "uppity" or "all-powerful," although in my opinion it has that right because of the knowledge and awareness it possesses. Know-it-all actions are ego-centric. Lucky for us the higher self does not have an ego. It is a loving and knowing aspect of your spiritual being. It is an inward source to turn to whenever you need information, whenever you need solace, and whenever you need love,” for Phylameana lila Desy.
For Cindy, your Higher Self is probably speaking if you notice any of these six characteristics:
  1. Calm and centered. Your Higher Self voice is calmer than the ego.
  2. Seeing with compassion. Higher Self can easily imagine why other people might do weird and crazy stuff.
  3. Long-term focus. The ego looks for short-term gratification.
  4. Win-win outcomes. The Higher Self knows that sustainable good outcomes come from caring for others AND taking care of self.
  5. Strong boundaries. I love to say that there is nothing wimpy about being spiritual.
  6. Positive emotional texture. The Higher Self can see beauty and wonder in so many places.
There are many ways to experience your Higher Self. You just need to focus and pay great attention until you are sure you can discern it. “We can understand that ego is useful and its primary purpose is to keep us safe. The ego creates the stories it does in order to over-protect against possible threat. Ego is not really concerned with our happiness or our spiritual development. As we become more aligned with the Higher Self we understand that we have the ability to interrupt the ego's story. Ultimately the Higher Self can be the dominant voice we hear. And with time it is possible to enroll the ego in the larger purpose of our lives.”