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Your higher self is the true you, the awareness of the spirit, which is so much more than the physical nature you are so aware of. It is the infinite and everlasting You. It is the element of You that inspires you with motivation, and guides you with wisdom and insight that teaches you. Your higher self is your natural state: it is your inner core that is intelligent, unconditionally caring, imaginative, whole, and everlasting. Deep down, with these terms, we all hold a certain resonance level. We agree that inside us there is something enigmatic, something divine. However, what few of us tend to come to terms with is that our higher self goes beyond our conditioned fears, restricting convictions, wounds, and fixations of ego altogether. It reflects our most genuine state of being with which we have lost contact in modern life. While our higher self is free, the restricted ego or small self will obstruct, repress, and reject them. The ability to discern between the ego's fear-based voice and your higher self's infinite or everlasting voice is one ability you can improve as you get accustomed to hearing it. Here are some ways to connect with your higher self:

Meditate. One of the most important ways to actively communicate with your higher self is meditation. Your higher consciousness is not independent of you. It is constantly there. It is the higher part of your consciousness which is marked by a high frequency of vibration. When you feel love and deep appreciation, when you forgive, that is when you live from the existence of your higher self. You can ask questions about something until you experience the energy of your higher self. There is no judgment or critique from the higher self. Be responsive, no matter the type, to the responses you get. Do not forget that your replies can come in a variety of ways of delivery: words, emotions, images, or sensations.

Dream. During the dream state, your higher self communicates with you each night to send you hints and shed light on your blind spots. It is your message of the day to pay careful attention at this stage to discern what you need to let go of. It is important to realize that you are portrayed by every single character in your dream, this or that part in your subconscious that you possibly disown. You are either holding on to past traumas and asked to forgive yourself and others, depending on the symbolism of your dreams or disowning your shadows that present themselves in your dreams as your persecutors or negatively charged characters. You will master lucid dreaming once you become reliable in recalling your dreams.

Write. You may ask questions and write the very first, instant gut-reaction responses or type them. After understanding your physical and emotional reaction, go back and re-read them. You will instantly see if your response came from the ego or the higher self. It is the higher self if the responses appear wiser than normal. If the responses seem obligatory or if they sound like you are asking someone what they want to hear, they come from the ego. Select a direction that resonates with you. The best way to listen to your higher self is by learning how to trust your instincts. Your intuition is like a dialogue between your heart and mind: it conveys the strongest and kindest truths you need to be conscious of right now. The way you view yourself, other people, and life can be fully changed forever by learning to communicate with and embody your higher self.