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Whether you have expected it to come about or not, there is this same feeling: You are deeply hurt. You sigh at the weakness of yourself and ask, “Why did this happen?” You continuously ponder if healing is possible to recuperate from emotional wounds. Can anyone ever fix a broken heart from pain, failure, depression? Maybe for a long time, you have been struggling and things do not seem to be getting better. Maybe you feel trapped like you tried it all and it did not help. Or maybe you feel like you are too old or you feel like it is too late to adjust. Well, the good news is, healing is possible. And it can be done by:

Taking a break. Everyone finds peace in various ways. Some find artistic practices like writing, reading, music, painting, or films to be productive. Others see it in motion, such as dancing, hiking, or going on road trips. Even if it is just for a few minutes, look for work that helps you escape by moving into another reality.

Prioritizing yourself. You need to pay attention to your emotions and physical feelings in your body to keep going because this is the way your body tells you what it wants. Take the extra time to listen and look after yourself well.

Honoring your pain. Avoiding your pain increases it. You must pass through the portal of loss to recover. Emotional wounds are far beyond pain, they are sensed in the depths of a person’s being. Honor the suffering, and do not run away from it. Disconnect, set aside time to remember, and permit yourself to grieve.

Being patient and persistent. Healing requires a lot of work and effort. We need to be patient and allow new ideas and abilities to be learned for the time being. Even though it gets challenging in the long run, we need to keep going and push ourselves in some ways.

Viewing setbacks as learning opportunities and being part of the process. Instead of trying to prevent failures or relapses, recognize that they are part of the process and encourage yourself to be open about what you can learn to help you move forward toward greater self-love and healing.

Asking for help. Healing does not mean that you must do it yourself alone. Asking for help is not easy, particularly if people have deceived you in the past. But there are so many advantages to reaching out for help, including emotional support, guidance, and the opportunity to break down guilt.

Learning from the experience. Thinking, learning, and contemplating opens you up to deeper understanding and consideration for yourself and others. A learning mindset will assist you to uncover value in the experience. A mysterious new liberation can also be discovered: healing from emotional pain or sadness makes you smarter, wiser, and more resilient.

Healing helps us to deal with incidents and conditions that have happened in our lives. We do not only incorporate these experiences into our existence after the work to release past emotional blockages has been achieved, but we further encourage ourselves to grow and evolve emotionally, on a deeper, more profound spiritual level. It requires combining our soul's broken pieces to help us not only appreciate an experience but to completely overcome it so that there is no more emotional baggage. With healing, our beliefs, feelings, and emotions will no longer be controlled by past traumatic events. Instead, on a deeper soul level, restrictive value structures will be resolved, and permanent change will take place. While the process of healing for every person is distinctive, everyone has the power to recover from within. It may not be an instant transition but understanding that time cures everything is essential. Do not forget to warmly embrace the benefits that you earn from all the work and dedication that you do.