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Is mother nature real?

Mother nature is a very complex thing, it holds everything that we ever know and everything that our little eyes can perceive. It contains everything we love and everything we hate and every little bit of us, we are a part of this beautiful complex thing and it clearly echoes as to how we are as humans.


We humans are naturally kind and giving and we clearly get that from no other than mother nature, it just gives and gives and gives everything we want and need from it. Sometimes we humans tend to accept too much than mother earth only means to give. How we drill into it, fill it with our rubbish take and take and take from mother nature, but still it holds us each time we call its name. It teaches us humans to be selfless and kind. Like humans, mother nature is deep like the sea, did you know that 90% of waters remain to be undiscovered even by now? The same goes to us, when you think you know a person is, they end up surprising us in the most indescribable ways. It is quite fascinating how our own features can easily be related to how mother nature gave us that. The beautiful mountains symbolize pride, which is a more common character trait now more than ever, we humans pride ourselves too much and sometimes it even exceeds that of the highest point of the mountain. It is not too bad to have this but of course we must have that down to earth attitude much like mother nature.


The flora and fauna has a very fascinating relationship, how it is interconnected and united is what makes us humans today, we came from the very bacteria that was formed here in this magnificent place and from that we continuously evolved and evolved until we are formed as the intelligent creatures that we are now. It is quite a long and intensive process but like most things that take time, it is magnificent and beautiful. All things that existed now did not exist billions of years ago and now they do, just imagine every little process and instances mother earth has to go through in order to create such beautiful things. It is in fact a wonder how certain things seem to exist just for the benefit of humans but in reality, it is so much more than that. These things existed with a greater purpose and that purpose is interlinked to our own as humans and it is all connected as to how the universe is as well. Mother nature gives us all of this and we must acknowledge that fact and start giving back.


From the unique figures of each grain of sand to the magnificent formations of the biggest mountain ranges, mother nature is indeed a beauty us humans are made to be in awe to. There are just so many ways to express just how beautiful and significant mother nature is that even if all humans would write her a thank you note of appreciation its beauty would still be immeasurable and unfathomable even if we try to describe it seven billion times. What adds up more to the beauty of it is how everything is infinitely connected. From the food chain, the circle of life, every cycle we perceive and go through, they are all beautifully connected and linked together. Even the most undermined things in this world serve its purpose. Even the ray of the sun could not even reach. It holds a wonderful and impactful purpose.