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In the fundamental of all beliefs understanding of life and death, the basis for conventional teaching is found. They all believe that human life is a great good that has been freely granted to us through grace, and through life, through loving others, we will more completely enter union with higher power. Therefore, we have a responsibility to protect and sustain our lives.

Ask yourself what your life means to you. Talk to yourself about everything. Are you angry? Sad? Anxious? Confused? Just ask. It is all right, to be honest with yourself. Do not just talk to yourself and have an open conversation all day long when things are good or when things are bad. Your heart wants a relationship with you, and that includes not only demands and appreciation, but your time and heart. In your presence, get to spend time, expose yourself to music that encourages, and turn off your television. Ask universe what gifts of the spirit thy wants to plant in your life today, meditate in a quiet place, listen to your voice and pursue quality friendships.

Did you know that when we are doing something with others, we enjoy accomplishing it more? Therefore, building positive relationships and social networks is one of the best things you can do for your happiness. Practice compassion and appreciation for the individuals you care for to improve these relationships. Find the silver lining. Anything we encounter can be a downer if we want to see it that way. But when you look for your life's rewards or silver linings, you may be shocked to find a lot of positive things. To cultivate satisfaction, continue to practice thinking positive and reducing the negative. This ability has also been correlated with a stronger ability to deal with stress and be more resilient. Above all, look for love in all the right places and protect your heart. Getting to know someone new is wonderful, you have no idea if this person is for a short season or a long journey in your life, so know your expectations and set your boundaries. After all, keep in mind that no one will ever love you as much as you.

By remaining connected to yourself, and by surrounding yourself with those who spread love, you consciously place your heart towards Thyself. By working to ensure that  you remain your highest priority, you place your heart most towards to yourself-- at the top of the list of your attention and affection. Your life is preserved by turning your heart and eyes towards yourself. It keeps you filled with the purpose versus the mundane emptiness. No matter how good worldly success on the outside may look, if you are not the core of your success, there will always be that mass void that you will feel on the inside. Your true value and identity are found only in yourself.