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We are all about energy. In truth, everything is power. Our physical bodies are denser forces that pulsate at a very reduced level, which is why we can see and sense them, but some several energetic entities and frequencies vibrate at a much greater rate than most of us cannot see with the human eye. That does not imply they do not exist. We generate a high vibrational frequency when we are happy and comfortable, which affects all people around us. If we can sustain this high degree of vibration, we can become the kind of person everybody wants to be around. This works both ways: if we are stressed or abrasive, people will also be able to feel that, and we affect them adversely.

We significantly influence others with our energy, regardless of circumstances. Among the highest vibrational frequencies on earth is the vibrant strength of crystals and gemstones. Our cosmos operates on the concept of attraction, which means that other entities for which they are a vibrational match can attract elements. Your energy state will start to increase in the existence of an extremely high vibratory force, to match that of the crystal. That is how we are influenced by crystals and how crystal healing functions. Any crystal, being exceptionally high vibrational in nature, will greatly increase the resonance of the atmosphere in which it is placed or the person on or with whom it is placed. Hence, any crystal will make you feel better. Anyone can benefit from the following crystals. In a variety of different instances, they are readily accessible and can be used. They have a vibration of energy that compliments the lives of every person.

Clear quartz. This is the crystal that is most easily available and widely used. Based on your energy needs, it attunes itself and boosts your energy to the highest level possible. Clear quartz was used by ancient civilizations for healing and it is still the most used crystal today. It is identified in digital devices today such as computers, televisions, and mobile phones. Quartz magnifies power and is used because energy is consumed, stored, emitted, and regulated.

Rose quartz. This crystal is the stone of love and devotion. It is focused on the heart and encourages profound love for yourself and others. It offers a soothing, relaxing, peaceful energy that replenishes your emotions to calm, harmony, and clarity. This stone can be used to heal emotional wounds and to open your heart to all kinds of love: love for yourself, family, friends, and significant other. This is the stone for you if you are searching for a crystal to help assist you with relationships, let go of prejudice, or assist you in coping with your inner critique. This gentle energy helps in reminding you to get yourself back to tranquility.

Amethyst. This stone has powerful forces of healing and increases spiritual consciousness. Amethyst has outstanding calming powers, removes negativity, and encourages solitude. It is also extremely helpful to the brain to help you concentrate, and it can relax or stimulate the mind as needed.

Smoky quartz. It is called a protective stone that removes bad energy. It offers a defensive energy shield around you, mitigating emotional and environmental tension.

Citrine. This is identified as the stone of prosperity, attracts wealth, abundance, and ultimately good fortune. Citrine's energy is joyful and plentiful, promoting sharing while helping you keep on to the wealth you have already created. Since citrine is a crystal of joy and happiness, it will assist you to conquer fears and depression by opening you to new experiences that draw out confidence and your innate wisdom. By using crystals that fit your goal, it will certainly boost and optimize the outcome. Depending on what you need and how complex you are willing to take things, you can work with one kind of stone, or with a variety. It is also possible to put crystals on the body, in the environment, or they can be simply carried. There are still many methods of dealing with crystals, and whatever works best for you at the time is the appropriate way to deal with it.