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Spiritual alignment

In these modern days, it is completely conventional for people to talk about their spiritual well-being without being pointed out as someone peculiar and to watch out for. In fact, an individual's spiritual well-being comes hand in hand with emotional and physical well-being that it becomes a quintessential need for humans to survive. In order to attain holistic health in the three versions of ourselves, one must really try and connect deeply into the spiritual aspect of their own mind. With that along with a healthy emotional and physical state, one may be considered as someone who has an aligned body.


Aligned body, to speak literally, is what happens when a person succeeds to activate the most out of her three aspects. People often confuse body alignment as something purely physical but in reality, body alignment is so much more than having full control of your physical state and a few dashes of attained yoga poses. It is practically a part of it though but it would only be considered as the tip of the iceberg as to what body alignment is. When a person has an unaligned body, more often than not, she is taken over by a familiar feeling that stops her from doing what she desires. for instance, there is this girl named Syd; Sid wants to pursue music and completely forget her boring 9-5 job that is unfulfilling for her financially and morally, if her  body is completely aligned, what will happen is that her brain will send signals to her higher self and her higher self will therefore send a very positive response to get Syd to pursue what she really wants. These signals also came from her and her alone. With the proper encouragement for something, Syd will now be brave enough to venture on the new world and gamble on what she wants for as long as she gets what she put her mind to and more often than not, eventually, she will. There are a handful of quotes that we see circulating around our feeds that it is an absolute must to  believe one oneself and that if you put your mind into it, whatever it is you can get it. With all your three selves aligned, everything is possible. You will not only act as something that encourages yourself, you will also be the one who does something about what you want regardless of the utmost effort you put in because you believe that in the end, it will all be worth it. That cannot be more true. Having an aligned body will give you just the best version of yourself and if a common human like Syd can do it, so can everybody else. Everyone else can reach that inner and higher self and attain what it is always long for.


On the other hand, if one's self is not completely aligned, for example, if Syd's emotional, physical and spiritual aspects are not of the same wavelengths, with Syd's desire, her mind will send messages to her higher self and then conventionally, her higher self will then send encouragements for her to do what she wants but instead of being motivated she will have the fear taking over her and that is what kills most dreams. Fear killed more dreams than critics did, fear is your number one enemy. It is what you instill inside you by you and if you're the one who put it in there then you can also be the one to take it out and be free from the weight this fear gives.


Having an aligned body helps you manifest your dreams and desires and once you reach this you will definitely just keep being a better version of yourself everyday.