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Spiritual growth is about calling out to the inner self and communicating with it and is a way of being more harmonious with life within us, generating our feelings of inner strength and empowerment, and leading us to live happier lives and accept accountability towards our deeds. Although most individuals need to find some time for solitude when they go on this significant path, it does not mean that all of a sudden they have to go away from everyone to some isolated place just to find one’s self, nor does it mean that they begin to act differently or ignore any of their current responsibilities.

As Christians, we must recognize that God wants us to grow closer to Him regularly and to enjoy a close connection throughout our lives with Him. This is spiritual growth. The Word of God makes it abundantly clear that if we want to be the kind of Christians that God wants us to be, we need to continually develop our relationship with the Lord. Every believer has been said to be either getting closer to God or wandering farther away from Him. In Christian life, we are never static or indifferent. If we are not spiritually rising, then we are spiritually devolving. Why is it that Jesus wants us to spiritually grow? God is on a quest to get people to Jesus so that they can be redeemed and spared from everlasting punishment for their sins. This mission is a significant one. And He would like to use you for that purpose. God has created you to be a part of His plan, His world mission. And in the end, the aim of growing you spiritually is to make you more fruitful and valuable to Him. God did not exist for you, to be your mythical being, to give you what you want and need, to save you from hideous circumstances, and to make all your wishes come true. He did not exist to make your relationships stronger, to assist you with your financial struggles, to make you happy and successful. It is the opposite. You live for God, to make Him happy and to be used to achieve His purposes. In the end, you will benefit personally, emotionally, mentally, and even physically from growing in Christ, but that is not the real goal. Spiritual development aims to make you more prosperous and useful to God. There are several methods in which you can go through your inner being on a journey of exploration. Consider things that attract your thoughts and imagination and strive to figure out what gives you an increased sense of awareness and the sensation that you are alive. Many people have indicated that it can have significantly powerful and constructive effects on the way you perceive both yourself and the world around you, to accept yourself as a spirit that happens to have a physical body as opposed to a body with a spirit. It is also necessary to positively lead your life. Indeed, you are not always going to have a life that runs smoothly, but you can prepare yourself so that you can actively choose to replace them with positive ones as soon as any unpleasant thoughts and emotions come to your mind.

This will inculcate within you a feeling of peace and happiness. When you understand the fact that it is not outer conditions that determine your mood and emotions, it makes complete sense. You can just dictate your mood and your emotions to you, to yourself. You will also build empathy, humility, patience, and respect for those around you by recognizing that other people are different and that they will have distinct opinions and values for you, which will also foster a sense of inner peace within you. Spiritual development starts as the transformation of redemption takes place. In Christ, we are new people. The old, sinful nature starts to give way to the new nature that is Christlike. We must pray to God as we pursue spiritual growth and ask for guidance regarding the areas in which He wishes us to grow. We should ask God to broaden our confidence and understanding of Him.