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The Purpose Of Life


As we have gained the capacity to think rationally and evaluate our world as human beings, we have become curious about why things are the way they are. This is valid both at a relative level, such as when we want to know how species have evolved, and at an absolute level, such as when we ask larger questions about the essence of the world, God, and its nature. We sometimes need an immediate response when we ask a question. The most effective answer at other times is to remember why we are raising the question in the first place. For these broad, often subjective questions that have no clear-cut response, this is especially important. For a series of different purposes, people come to wonder about the meaning of life. Maybe they are just naturally curious, or maybe they have undergone a family loss recently, maybe they are questioning their religion, or maybe they are going through a depression and searching for a renewed sense of purpose. Since this question has so many responses, you must find the one that aligns with you. It must give you enough of a feeling that the need to ask the question is fulfilled. What then is your purpose in life? The purpose of life is to love other people.

The meaning of love has been embodied by all major beliefs and religions. Love appears to be an uplifting agent and something that binds us across time and culture to misery and suffering. We see our community naturally become a more secure and prosperous place because we can love others unconditionally, and the viewpoint through which we see the world is more optimistic and successful. The purpose of life is to be happy. Sadly, we do not know exactly what happiness is, and it can be difficult to find it. You need to first discover what happiness means to you to know how to achieve it, and whether it is an important reason for your life or not. You will begin to go for that to see if it gives you that sense of reason and purpose until you have a crystal-clear vision of whatever it is. The purpose of life is to develop a valuable difference. It may sound like a cliche and an underwhelming reason to make a positive impact, but when we attempt to do so on a fundamental level, it ensues, because we see the fruits of our labor in full detail.

Again, it is important to emphasize that having a positive difference does not have to be something gigantic. We are conditioned to think that only a large-scale impact is worth seeking through social media and popular culture, but the fact is that tiny, tangible improvements are much more personally rewarding. And the purpose of life is to give back to society. Your life aims to make use of your transformation to help improve society. You will now mentor others until you are mentored by another. Your selfless service to the world will forge your place in the human chain of love that has been demonstrated to you by the people who have come before you and the people who will follow you. Simply put, your purpose in life is to live a hero's life. The journey of the hero is captured in all the great stories in fiction, and on the big screen in all the great movies we love. Hero stories add meaning to our lives and unveil how human life is supposed to be lived. Go on a journey. Grow from difficulties. Build a team around you. Give back to society.