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Our soul is what gives us our individuality and we live out our relationship with other people, and with ourselves through it. Our soul undoubtedly has three key aspects: our consciousness, will, and emotions. Our consciousness has a part that is aware and a subconscious part. The former is where we do our thinking and reasoning. While the latter is where our profound convictions and our behaviours are preserved. It is also where our thoughts, our emotions, and our memories are retained. What gives us the power to make decisions is our will. Through our endothelial cells, nervous, and immune systems, our consciousness, our will, and our emotions are related to the body in a very complex way. Belief in the soul is a key element of faith. Identifying the soul's origin and where it came from provides us with perspective into where we are headed and why. 

Now then, how can we love our soul? The response to this needs to be understood because it is one of the things that  we need to do to truly love ourselves. Through living a life of faithfulness to all that the universe has provided to us, with our entire soul. In the way we live, in the decisions we make, and in the conduct and lifestyle we follow. Seek conformity to yourself; love must be shown. From a place of meekness,  In our behaviour and gestures, this meekness is reflected most dynamically. What we say and how we say it, by the influence of the Spirit, strengthens or satisfies our capacity to love.

Undoubtedly, the inappropriate speech will impact our spiritual lives and operate toward our respect for the universe. Make good choices. Our existence is the entirety of the choices we make. Our decisions illustrate what we are dedicated to, and represent our core values, defining us and showing our way of life before the world. We do what we desire. If our connection with the Lord is treasured, our decisions will simply mirror the treasure. Decisions stream from what most of us treasure. Many of us are shaped by how we cope with the tension that life offers us. If persistent stress is left unaddressed, our bodies can take a toll over time. A strong faith will help us handle the trauma we face in our lives. Our beliefs and principles, primarily dictated by our religion, can play a major role in our patterns of thought. Our day-to-day mindset will affect our emotions and feelings, and our actions will have a significant impact on our emotions and feelings.