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What is a spiritual awakening? Is there a way that you can say whether you have one? How do you navigate it? The process of being more conscious and mindful is spiritual awakening. The values we have been raised with and the process of feeling we initiate when we step out of the box in which we live, sensing that there is more than this life we are currently living. We are beginning to feel emotions we have never felt before. Some may even begin to see objects, hear words or sounds, or spontaneously understand things that they normally do not know, and some may think they are going insane. An awakening always begins with your subconscious changing, indicating you start to shed convictions that you have always had, and it's not that instantly that you have new beliefs, you just don't know what to believe. You begin to query and seek answers to questions that you never thought you were going to ask. The thirst for knowledge of all spiritual things becomes irresistible.

To help you navigate what you might be feeling, here are the stages of awakening. These phases can happen immediately, or for a while, you can get stuck in a point, all depending on your dedication to yourself and this process. First, reconciliation and purpose. With sorrow comes forgiveness. We mourn who we once were, who we thought we were supposed to be, who everybody else thought we were, and so forth. Grieving is not just about the death of the people we love. It can be the death of the former self, the environment we lived in, the way we existed, and even the connections we live in. By specifying the objective and asking the questions, your only goal is to uncover the reality. This journey allows you to understand how to handle the real you. Second, let go. Surrender needs you to let go of the power to control, to let go of the chase, to let go of the need to understand anything, to let go of what you assumed you understood. Rather, be open to the idea and possibilities that the spirit is planning to open to you. It seems that defeat is the toughest thing to do for all of us. It is an illusion because we have been taught for so long to feel that we must rule our lives and work hard to succeed. Retreat does not mean waiting for your good beginning to drop from the sky. It means seeing challenges as opportunities. You begin to accept what is best to serve to appear, and instead of saying no, you will wonder what it will bring into your life. This is an opportunity for you to prosper even further.

Third, walk with God. Walking with God implies traveling in peace and confidence with Him as you move through the path of your life. Focusing on God and following in his footsteps, for the most part, will keep you in the proper direction. Fourth, unite with God. Our union with Christ is not a concept, metaphor, or analogy. The fundamental reality of our new and everlasting life is our union with Him. We are honestly and truly connected spiritually and physically with the crucified, reborn, incarnate individual of Christ in a way that gloriously transcends our limited comprehension. So, then you will see the reason behind your suffering as you look back on the day when it all changed. You can see that you are the one you have been waiting for, and you are as strong and magical as anyone. No one comes here to rescue us; we are awakened to save ourselves.