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Described as ordinary but remarkable, colorful, and transparent, quartz crystals are the most widely used and abundant in the world, containing the largest and most complex family in the mineral corundum. Quartz crystals were indeed a source of light for humanity from ancient times to the present day. The peculiar characteristics of quartz were highly regarded by religious scholars and healers as well as scientists because it played a crucial role in the evolutionary history of mankind. The piezoelectric properties of the quartz that can turn heat and pressure into electromagnetic energy are valued. It is also used for its ability to intensify energy, concentration, transform and preserve energy. To this end, in products all around us, this gemstone has found several different uses — including electronic components, laptops, mobile devices, receivers, sensors, headphones, and smartphones. It is also known as a significant gemstone used for meditation, relaxation, communication, and consciousness development. Wearing jewelry for extended periods crafted from this stone will bring you abundance, peace, affection, vitality, prosperity. It will encourage you to find meaning, live in peace, and protect yourself against harm.

Spiritual healing. In spiritual healing, quartz’s healing properties are highly advantageous as it increases personal awareness and development. Its therapeutic properties subconsciously function to transmit quartz benefits to those who have not yet undergone spiritual awakening. For highly spiritual people, quartz stones serve as beacons of light and energy.

Emotional healing. Quartz’s emotional healing properties are associated with emotional body cleansing and purification. This stone's calming force focuses on negativity and encourages constructive force and feelings. After wearing this gemstone for longer periods, you can experience an emotional balance. This crystal also enhances the outside world's perception, enhancing your understanding and consciousness.

Physical healing. It is believed that quartz crystal is one of the best healing crystals and can be used to treat several conditions. If you wear this crystal, it will boost your immune system, improve the flow of energy, and put your whole body into balance. It has been used by people since ancient times to treat headaches, dizziness, vertigo, motion sickness, metabolism enhancement, and weight loss. Quartz is also helpful for removing body contaminants, treating digestive issues, and infections.

Chakra healing. Quartz can harmonize with all the chakras because of this crystal’s magnificent capacity to intensify energy and vibrate in all color frequencies. Furthermore, during the meditation period, it will preserve perfect alignment. This crystal is especially great for activating the Crown chakra, given the relation of this stone to the divine realm and other higher realms.

The very best way to carry out its boundless healing powers is to keep your quartz cleansed and charged. To wash away any obstructions, simply run it underwater and use a soft dry cloth for polishing. To let it have a good washing, you may also set it in a glass of mineral water. Note that when cleaning quartz crystals, you may need to use a gentler hand. Quartz may look pure and plain, but this strong stone knows how to hold its own when it comes to crystal healing as compared to the rest of its large family. While some of the other gems can provide or direct you with specific properties, this crystal has a profoundly crafted intuition that enables it to bounce off your abilities and needs making it an expert arm in concentrating on those features of quartz healing. It is a stone that responds to who you are and works together with the world in harmony with your body, mind, and spirit, to ensure that you get everything you need. In brief, it is a glowing stone with higher guidance.